Youth Sports

Our volunteer coaches will be committed to our children’s safety and self awareness. With minimum focus on winning and maximum focus on learning the proper fundamentals.

After School Tutoring

Each student will have access to the best learning technologies we have to offer as well having lectures from industry professionals. We believe this better prepares our children for their future career decisions.

Life Long Learning

We believe in equipping our children with the skills to be able to learn for the rest of their lives! By instilling in them a method of positive thinking, we believe they will be able to be independent thinkers and be high performers in their chosen careers.

Our Success


Our founding board members lead with a hands-on approach with over 30 years of combined service, working with non profits and volunteering. While activism is our program’s foundation, results are our goal.


We feel if our kids don’t succeed, then we haven’t done our job as a community. By utilizing our upbringing and educational values, we make it our mission to guide our kids farther than the eye can conceive.


The PACE Program is the ideal approach to building and sustaining a productive community. Intended for families to participate, volunteer and repeat through multiple generations, therefore maintaining PACE’s legacy of residual results.