With a heart for the community, the PACE Program was created to serve our nation’s most valuable gift, our youth. We at PACE Program are dedicated to providing a safe and educational environment, while also enhancing the physical, mental, and social skills of the children in our community. We offer tutoring and homework aid, co-ed youth sports, and the opportunity to experience life outside of their immediate surroundings. For the last five years, the PACE Program has been able to cultivate a love for sports, academia, and travel within the children and parents in our program. Participants have been to three different states, won championships, and learned from career professionals about what the world has to offer. By breathing life back into our communities, the PACE Program will not only produce well-rounded children but successful young adults.


Our youth sports run year around. Our Youth Dribblers basketball program starts in December and ends in March. Spring Baseball and Softball starts in March and finishes in June. The summer sports are Flag Football and Soccer. Our Fall seasons begins in September with kickball and the return of baseball.


Our volunteers are all different, with diverse lives, styles and backgrounds. What makes them great is that they are all kind, committed and inspirational.


To become a volunteer, coach or mentor with THE PACE PROGRAM, click below.

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